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This Directory provides home modification and repair resources (such as featured programs, funding, service providers, and consumer materials) for each state! Before jumping to a State Resource Page, skill up on the basics below! Then, continue on to the State Resource Pages by doing a state search below the map. We hope you find this information useful! Let us know if you have any questions or additions at


Home modification refers to converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living. It includes:

  • low-cost and simple changes to the home (removing hazards such as clutter, throw rugs; moving furnishings; and changing where activities occur (e.g., sleeping on the first instead of second floor);
  • adding special features or assistive devices such as grab bars;
  • extensive renovations (e.g., installing a roll-in shower and ramps); and
  • repairs such as improved wiring to eliminate the need for dangerous extension cords or fixing loose stair treads to improve safety.
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Depending on the extent of the modifications, there are several ways to modify and repair your home to support aging in place. You can:

1. Do it yourself, or get a friend or relative to help
2. Locate a provider to do the work:


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When seeking out a home modification provider, consider taking the following steps:

  • Get recommendations from friends who have had similar projects completed.
  • State Directory of Home Modification Resources below: search for a local home modification service provider near youCheck with your local Better Business Bureau regarding the professional’s reliability and performance record, including whether they are licensed and bonded.
  • Be specific about changes you wish to make in advance, and ask for a written agreement with only a small down payment and make the final payment only after the project is completed.
  • Ask the provider if they have training and experience making home modifications similar to the type of changes you are seeking and ask for a reference list.

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