Online Courses - Series #3 2024

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Home Modification Course #3
Funding Resources and Financing Mechanisms



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Locate funding resources for home modification consumers
  • Negotiate affordable home modification approaches in the private sector
  • Explain barriers that impact home modification resource availability
  • Address how national, state, and local funding sources vary by region and impact the ability of consumers to make changes
  • Describe the diversity of factors that affect available home modification funding assistance
  • Identify home modification resources potentially available in various fields and from a range of organizations.
  • Evaluate a consumer’s capacity to secure home modification funding based on eligibility characteristics and their financial profile
  • Advise consumers on decision-making relative to financing options and home modification costs

Continuing Education: Equivalent of 12 Classtime Hours
Education Level: Introductory

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