Online Courses - Series #3 2024

House shaped paper cutout and tools on wooden table.

Home Modification Course #1
The Basics and Beyond



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain home modification and why it is important for aging in place
  • Describe terminology associated with home modification
  • Discuss the theories of person-environment fit that form the underlying principles of home modification
  • Summarize the prevalence of home modification
  • Demonstrate the barriers to increasing and promoting home modification availability and awareness
  • Explain basic aging demographics
  • Evaluate important legislative developments
  • Distinguish between legislation that impacts public spaces and legislation that impacts personal home environments
  • Identify available assessment instruments, including those that are evidence-based
  • Determine the benefits and differences of various assessment tools
  • Demonstrate familiarity with products that contribute to a supportive environment
  • Illustrate the factors that influence consumer decisions
  • Apply consumer involvement and direction practices to their work
  • Increase home modification availability and awareness among older adults
  • Recognize common problems in the home and basic recommendations for home modifications
  • Identify the various professions and organizations that play a role in home modification
  • List the four key sectors involved in home modification
  • Describe future trends in home modification

Continuing Education: Equivalent of 12 Classtime Hours
Education Level: Introductory

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