National Access Corp.

National Access Corp.

Contact Person: Troy Buffenmyer

Address: 1126 Elizabeth Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601

Email Address:

Phone Number: 888-877-4266


Established: 2015

Sponsor: NAC

Director: Kristian Armstrong

Target Population: disabled and aging

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100+

No. of Paid Staff: 12

Most Common Modification: bathroom mods, entryways(ramps, lifts, exterior/interior door widenings), stairlifts, all access and mobility related equipment and modifications

Type of Assessment: yes

Assessor: Shannon Taylor

Providers Education/Training: no

Funding Sources: medicaid - state waiver programs and private pay

Special Features: Free Assessment, Creative Funding, Installment Loans

Total Budget: dependent on medicaid