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Welcome to the Oregon Home Modification and Repair Resources Page! On this State Resources page, you will find resources for consumers and professionals specific to Oregon, including featured programs, funding sources, home modification and repair providers by city, and educational materials!

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Home Modification Providers by City

This section contains listings of home modification providers in Oregon. Search by city or keyword.

Beaverton, OR

Lifelong Home LLC

Contact Person: Regina Ford

Address: 1090 SW 170th Ave #203, Beaverton, OR 97006

Email Address:

Phone Number: 971-404-4418


Established: 2011

Target Population: Seniors and people with disabilities

Services/Modifications Provided: Home accesibility reviews and recommendations

Cornerstone Builders, Inc.

Contact Person: Allen Tankersley

Address: 7949 SW Cirrus Drive Bldg 24D, Beaverton, OR 97008

Email Address:

Phone Number: 503-671-9538

Fax: 503-671-9640


Established: 2003

Type of Services: Environment

Bend, OR

All Access Home Design, LLC

Contact Person: Dave Blauwkamp

Address: 20080 Old Rock House Rd., Bend, OR 97702

Email Address:

Phone Number: (541) 799-0700


Established: 2018

Director: David Blauwkamp

Target Population: People of all ages with disabilities, those looking for age-in-place designs and remodeling

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Most Common Modification: Ramps, grab bars, bathroom remodels, door widening, fall safety, easier access

Type of Assessment: yes

Providers Education/Training: no

Special Features: Family owned by a Physical Therapist and a Residential Contractor, both with over 20 years experience working with a wide range of disabilities and remodeling challenges.We are able to provide comprehensive assessments of the client and home, develop customized plans and recommendations, and complete any installation or remodeling that is needed.Executive Certificate in Home Modification from University of Southern California.Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Advanced Mobility of Bend, LLC

Contact Person:

Address: 1045 NE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97701

Email Address:

Phone Number: 541-382-6016


Established: 2003

Director: Dan Cummins

Target Population: 50+

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Services/Modifications Provided: Bathroom, ramps, stairlifts

Corvallis, OR

Energy Conservation Program

Contact Person:

Address: 545 SW 2nd, Suite A, Corvallis, OR 9733

Phone Number: 541-752-1010

Established: 1975

Sponsor: Community Services Consortium

Director: Tom Hatley

Target Population: Older, disabled, single parent homeowners and renters

No. of Persons Served/Year: 360

No. of Paid Staff: 11 full-time, 4 part-time

Most Common Modification: 600000

Special Features: 0.35

Services/Modifications Provided: Weatherization, general home repair

Total Budget: State Weatherization Grants, Statewide utility companies

Funding Repairs: Yes

Hillsboro, OR

Cliff Maya Construction For Safety Grab Bars And More

Contact Person:

Address: 450 SE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Email Address:

Phone Number: 503-318-8561

Established: 1992

Target Population: People who want to stay in their home safer

Type of Services: Environmental

Services/Modifications Provided: Safety grab bars and more

Independence, OR

Mobility Access Options NW, Inc.

Contact Person: Jody Schwalk, Office Manager

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Mobility Access Options NW, Inc.

Address: 155 E Street, Independence, OR 97351

Email Address:

Phone Number: 971-304-7464


Established: 1979

Partnerships: Oregon CCB

Target Population: Seniors and People with Disabilities

No. of Persons Served/Year: 300

No. of Paid Staff: 6

Services Provided:

  • Minor home modifications (e.g., grab bars, raised toilet seats, handheld showers, handrails, lever door handles)
  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)
  • Home assessments

Funding Source(s):

  • State Funded In-Home Service Program
  • Private Pay
  • Department of Veteran's Affairs

Special Features: Mobility Access Options is an accessibility solutions company providing home modifications to improve your safety, independence, and quality of life. During a free in-home or virtual consultation, we can help you make an informed decision that meets your mobility needs.

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Lake Oswego, OR

In Your Home

Contact Person: Bartholomew Brian

Address: 16869 SW 65th Avenue #332, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Phone Number: 503-536-2153

Established: 2003

No. of Persons Served/Year: 20-30

No. of Paid Staff: 18

Funding Sources: No

Total Budget: Private pay, occasionally state funded projects

Funding Home Mods: Yes

Medford, OR

Live Ability

Contact Person: Duncan Peterson

Address: 2425 Nieto Way, Medford, OR 97504

Email Address:

Phone Number: 541-816-7731

Target Population: Seniors & Disabled

No. of Persons Served/Year: 43454

Most Common Modification: 75000

Services/Modifications Provided: Ramps, grab bars, door/entries, alterations for safety/stability & easier access (cabinets, sinks, closets, etc)

Is your organization Non-Profit?: Yes

Pendleton, OR

Umatilla Housing Authority

Contact Person: Judy Winn

Address: PO Box 1658, Pendleton, OR 92801

Phone Number: 541-567-3241

Fax: 541-567-3240

Target Population: Indian Tribal Reservation

No. of Persons Served/Year: 140

Most Common Modification: $1.2 million

Type of Services: Assessment guidelines for homeowners and rentals.

Special Features: 0.25

Services/Modifications Provided: Doors, windows, and roofs

Portland, OR

LiveAble LLC

Contact Person: Melissa Mott Smith

Address: P.O.Box 96143, Portland, OR 97225

Email Address:

Phone Number: 503-974-6688


Established: 2010

Director: Melissa Mott Smith

Target Population: Adults, children with developmental and physical disabilities

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 60/year

No. of Persons Served/Year: 65

Most Common Modification: Bathrooms, sensory accommodations, lifts, ramps

Type of Assessment: yes

Assessor: Melissa M Smith

Providers Education/Training: no

Funding Sources: Private, payment through state funding sources, Medicare pending

Special Features: Occupational Therapist who is also a residential contractor, experience in AutoCAD drawing

Adapt-A-Home and Mend-A-Home

Contact Person: Wright Deborah

Address: 4848 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97206

Email Address:

Phone Number: 503-234-6167

Fax: 503-234-9980

Established: 1993

Target Population: low-income people with physical disabilities. Service areas include: Clackamas County, Multnohmah County, City of Gresham, and City of Portland.

No. of Persons Served/Year: Over 400

No. of Paid Staff: 5

Most Common Modification: 750000

Type of Services: Functional and environmental

Special Features: 0.62

Services/Modifications Provided: Ramps, bathrooms and grab bars.

Total Budget: * Foundations* HUD * Corporate * Medicaid * VOC rehab * Workers compensation * Private donations

Certification(s): Building Contractor

Home Repair Traning

Contact Person: John Harris

Address: 5700 N.E. 39th, Portland, OR 97211

Phone Number: 503-280-5733

Established: 1974

Sponsor: Portland Development Community/Portland Public Schools

Target Population: Older, disabled, single family

No. of Persons Served/Year: 40+

No. of Paid Staff: 5 full-time, 2 part-time

Most Common Modification: 250000

Type of Services: Environmental

Special Features: 1

Services/Modifications Provided: Carpentry, roofing, painting

Total Budget: Portland Bureau of Community Development

Funding Repairs: Yes

Liveable LLC

Contact Person: Melisa Smith

Address: 9055 SW Sunstead Lane, Portland, OR 97225

Email Address:

Phone Number: 503-974-6688

Established: 2009

Target Population: People with disabilities, aging, Developmental disabilities

No. of Persons Served/Year: 40-50

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Bathroom modifications, entrances

Special Features: Occupational Therapist owned; specializes in working with clients with medical challenges and anticipating future needs; can provide basic autoCAD drawings for concept drawings; experienced in modifying homes for people with autism and their families (including "hardening the home"); licensed residential contractor

Saint Helens, OR

Community Action Team

Contact Person: Neal Jones, Weatherization, Rehab and Healthy Homes Manager

Agency Name or Parent Company: Community Action Team

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Neal Jones

Address: 125 N. 17th Street, Saint Helens, OR 97051

Email Address:

Phone Number: 5033696922


Established: 1983

Target Population: Low Income, elderly, disabled.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 75

No. of Paid Staff: 4

Services Provided:

  • Minor home modifications (e.g., grab bars, raised toilet seats, handheld showers, handrails, lever door handles)
  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)
  • Repairs (e.g., roofing, electrical, carpeting/floors, stair repairs)
  • Home assessments
  • Refers to providers (e.g., Home modification program, occupational/physical therapists, funding sources)
  • Raise consumer and/or professional awareness
  • Advocacy for home modification policies and funding
  • Participate in task forces/coalitions or planning activities with other agencies
  • Integrate home modification or repairs within existing home and community-based and/or long-term care programs
  • Partners with state or local non-profit home modification programs (e.g., Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, etc...)

Funding Source(s):

  • City/County Housing and Community Development Department (e.g., Community Development Block Grants, HOME Block Grants)
  • Weatherization Assistance Program/Department of Energy, State Housing Finance Agency (e.g., home modification loan programs)
  • Local General and Millage Funds
  • Private Pay
  • Fundraising
  • Grant funds

Total Budget: 150,000

Is your organization Non-Profit?: yes

Springfield, OR

Ability Center

Contact Person: Christopher Royer, General Manager

Agency Name or Parent Company: Ability Center

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Ability Center

Address: 3574 Marcola Road, Springfield, OR 97477

Email Address:

Phone Number: 541-726-4001


Established: 1994

Target Population: Elderly and Disabled

No. of Persons Served/Year: 30

No. of Paid Staff: 6

Services Provided:

  • Minor home modifications (e.g., grab bars, raised toilet seats, handheld showers, handrails, lever door handles)
  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)

Funding Source(s):

  • Private Pay

Special Features: Free Assessments

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Lumen Element

Contact Person: Suzanne Cavanagh

Address: 550 Shelley St. Ste. G, Springfield, OR 97477

Email Address:

Phone Number: 541-914-7224


Most Common Modification: Assessment of lighting needs

Type of Assessment: no

Providers Education/Training: no

Special Features: I am a lighting specialist and have developed an assessment of the home environment looking at the lighting needs of the aging eye, those living with dementia and for health and sleep.

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