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Welcome to the New Jersey Home Modification and Repair Resources Page! On this State Resources page, you will find resources for consumers and professionals specific to New Jersey, including featured programs, funding sources, home modification and repair providers by city, and educational materials!

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Home Modification Providers by City

This section contains listings of home modification providers in New Jersey. Search by city or keyword.

Bayonne, NJ


Contact Person: Eleanor Tiefenwerth

Address: 555 Kennedy Boulevard, P.O. Box 1032, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Phone Number: 201-437-7222

Established: 1965

Target Population: Senior citizens and disabled persons

No. of Persons Served/Year: 55

No. of Paid Staff: 5

Most Common Modification: Locks, deadbolts, door viewers, windows, grab-bars

Funding Sources: Community Development Block Grant * Coordinates with Area Agency on Aging

Special Features: * Coordinates with the City Community Development Block Grant program, and public services such as electricity and gas ""Seal Up"" programs, to assure client receives maximum benefits from all program

Total Budget: $37500

Cherry Hill, NJ

Ability Home Solutions, LLC.

Contact Person: Rebeca Sternbach ECHM, Occupational Therapist

Agency Name or Parent Company: Ability Home Solutions, LLC.

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Ability Home Solutions, LLC.

Address: 1509 Chanticleer, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Email Address:

Phone Number: 732-687-7718


Established: 2019

Target Population: Aging in Place and those living with injury or disability

Services Provided:

  • Minor home modifications (e.g., grab bars, raised toilet seats, handheld showers, handrails, lever door handles)
  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)
  • Home assessments
  • Refers to providers (e.g., Home modification program, occupational/physical therapists, funding sources)
  • Advocacy for home modification policies and funding
  • Participate in task forces/coalitions or planning activities with other agencies
  • Partners with state or local non-profit home modification programs (e.g., Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, etc...)

Funding Source(s):

  • Private Pay

Special Features: Ability Home Solutions specializes in allowing those who are living with a cognitive or physical disability or concern related to aging to stay in their homes for as long as they are safely able to do so. We work with clients and caregivers and perform home safety assessments, accessibility evaluations, and equipment recommendations to prevent falls and allow for greater accessibility and more livability.

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Englishton, NJ

Accessibility Design Associates

Contact Person: Patrick Sherwood

Address: 28 Harrison Avenue #234, Englishton, NJ 07726

Email Address:

Phone Number: 732-786-9244

Target Population: Wheelchair users

No. of Persons Served/Year: 250

No. of Paid Staff: 8

Most Common Modification: Lifts, bathrooms

Franklin Park, NJ

Independent Domain, LLC

Contact Person: Holly Hardaway

Address: 7 Pleasant Plains Road, Franklin Park, NJ 08823

Email Address:

Phone Number: 732-398-1790

Fax: 732-398-1790


Target Population: Seniors who wish to age in place, stroke & TBI survivors, individuals transitioning home from hospital, & dementia caregivers

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Most Common Modification: Consultations, home evaluations, caregiver support & training

Freehold, NJ

Emergency Home Repair and Barrier Free Program

Contact Person: Rich Dalfonzo

Address: PO Box 3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728

Phone Number: 732-431-7999

Target Population: Furnace, roof replacements, and repairs.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 230

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Funding Sources: HUD-CDBG, NJ Department of Community Affairs: Title III

Special Features: Barrier free services

Total Budget: $355000

Home Modifications for the Elderly and Disabled

Contact Person: Shepard Morrow, CMO, Co-founder

Agency Name or Parent Company: Live in Place Designs

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Home Modifications for the Elderly and Disabled

Address: 72 Vanderveer rd., Freehold, NJ 07728

Email Address:

Phone Number: 908-377-0703


Established: 2019

Target Population: aging in place home design and remodel for elderly and disabled

No. of Persons Served/Year: 40

Services Provided:

  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)
  • Home assessments
  • Raise consumer and/or professional awareness
  • Integrate home modification or repairs within existing home and community-based and/or long-term care programs

Funding Source(s):

  • Private Pay

Special Features: Assessment of home accessibility, design assessment, Design service for aging in place, bathroom remodeling, home accessibility

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Hackensack, NJ


Contact Person: Stacey Benjamin

Address: 64 Passaic Street , Hackensack, NJ 07601

Phone Number: 201-489-7790


Established: 1977

Target Population: Older homeowners, apartment dwellers or disabled of any age

No. of Persons Served/Year: 970

No. of Paid Staff: 7

Most Common Modification: Plumbing, weatherization, doors and windows, railings, and grab-bars.

Funding Sources: Title III - Older Americans Act Community Development Block Grant Fundraising County Department of Human Services In-kind Client payments for product. * Coordinates with Area Agency on Aging * Sponsored by United Way

Special Features: * Presents information and special programs at fairs to educate seniors, the disabled, and others about their service * Uses senior volunteers exclusively as the service crew * Organizes a Volunteer Center Recognition Reception each year to recognize the volunteers as a group * Purchases tools with funds from volunteers' former employers * Established a data base that helps to compile required reports related to various funding sources with ease

Total Budget: $109677

Hewitt, NJ


Contact Person: Christopher Lynch

Address: 623 Lake Shore Drive, Hewitt, NJ 07421

Phone Number: 973-853-7042

Established: 1985

No. of Persons Served/Year: 40

No. of Paid Staff: 5

Special Features: * Private firm that does consultations through clients' insurance carriers * Specializes in the design of barrier free, wheelchair accessible environments on commercial and residential level

Montclair, NJ

EZ Way to Stay

Contact Person: Gail Stocks

Address: P.O. Box 1248, 125 Glen Ridge Avenue, Montclair, NJ (0)7042

Email Address:

Phone Number: 973-500-8751


Established: 1/18/2018

Target Population: Childhood through adulthood - anyone with needs for accessibility

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Home accessibility assessment and design solutions

Assessor: Gail Stocks

Is your organization Non-Profit?: No

Morristown, NJ


Contact Person: Barett Kolton

Address: 176 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone Number: 973-984-6650

Target Population: Wheelchair users

No. of Persons Served/Year: 50

No. of Paid Staff: 3

Most Common Modification: Home evaluations, miscellaneous minor repairs, major modifications

Special Features: * Offers ""in-service"" programs for case managers, occupational therapists, and insurance companies to discuss wheelchair barriers, construction modifications, and equipment * Provides comprehensive assessment evaluations of existing problems in the home, optional ways to overcome them, and cost estimates for each option

Newark, NJ

Rebuilding Together Essex

Contact Person: Cynthia DeSouza

Address: P.O. Box 32171, Newark, NJ 07102

Email Address:

Phone Number: (973)642-6100


Established: 1998

Target Population: seniors disabled veterans and other low-income homeowners

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: current waiting list of 30 applicants

No. of Persons Served/Year: 300

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Most Common Modification: weatherization, accessible modifications including grab bars, ramps and accessible showers, windows, hand railing and step repairs, leaks, electrical repairs and painting

Type of Assessment: no

Providers Education/Training: yes

Funding Sources: grants, corporate sponsors, donated material and skilled and unskilled labor

Special Features: volunteers including electricians, plumbers, painters and general contractors, occupational therapist and general volunteers

Total Budget: $170,000 is projected budget for 2019

Pine Brook, NJ

Home Modifications

Contact Person: Ernest Mac Neill

Address: 28 Bloomfield ave, Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Email Address:

Phone Number: 973-335-3153


Established: 2014

Sponsor: Certified Aging in Place Specialists LLC

Target Population: People who want to remain in their home safely as they age

No. of Persons Served/Year: 50

No. of Paid Staff: 5

Most Common Modification: Ramps, walk in showers, grab bars, hand rails, flooring

Environmental: no

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Princeton, NJ

Home Heartbeats

Contact Person: Diane Vitillo

Address: 301 N. Harrison St. #455, Princeton, NJ 8540

Email Address:

Phone Number: 732-305-7689


Target Population: Clients who wish to modify their home to age in place; clients transitioning to home after a hospital admission; any physically/cognitively challenged client who wants to age in place; caregivers

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Every area of the home, both inside and out is assessed to determine client's safely, mobility and accessibility

Rio Grande, NJ


Contact Person: Carole Lennox

Address: 4005 Rt. 9 South, Rio Grande, NJ 08242

Phone Number: 609-886-2784

Established: 1988

Target Population: Older residents

No. of Persons Served/Year: 25

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Locks, door viewers, window bars, deadbolts

Special Features: * Arranges safe housing and security programs by Crime Officers of the County Sheriff's Department for 30 senior clubs and six county senior site

Total Budget: $37306

Toms River, NJ

Adaptive Home Safety Accessibility Inc.

Contact Person: James Cino

Address: PO Box 1209, Toms River, NJ 08753

Email Address:

Phone Number: 877-870-7233

Established: 1999

Target Population: Geriatric, Disabled, Deaf, Caregivers of children and adults

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Special Features: Occupational therapy, interpreter for the Deaf, home child-proofing

Union City, NJ


Contact Person: Michael Leggiero

Address: 5301 W. Broadway, Union City, NJ 07093

Phone Number: 201-866-2388

Established: 1983

Target Population: Low-income residents

No. of Persons Served/Year: 30

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Weatherization

Funding Sources: Public Service Electric Gas

Special Features: * Provides energy conservation workshops for clients

Total Budget: $23813

Vineland, NJ

Home Accessibility Solutions

Contact Person: Gregory Mazzoni

Address: 2871 Vine Road, Vineland, NJ 08360

Email Address:

Phone Number: 609-805-8379

Fax: 856-691-6918

Target Population: Seniors and clients with disabilities

Special Features: Certified Aging in Place Specialists, Occupational therapist completes home assessments. Beautiful and functional results!

Williamstown, NJ

Safety Outfitting Services SOS Group, Inc.

Contact Person: Alyssa Muratore

Address: 1809 N Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ 8094

Email Address:

Phone Number: 856-740-4000

Fax: 856-740-4044


Most Common Modification: Insalling grab bars, building ramps, kitchen/bathroom modification

Special Features: SOS (Safety Outfitting Services) is a home modification company located in Southern New Jersey. We are Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) of the NAHB and AARP. We specialize in customized safety solutions for your home

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