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Welcome to the Colorado Home Modification and Repair Resources Page! On this State Resources page, you will find resources for consumers and professionals specific to Colorado, including featured programs, funding sources, home modification and repair providers by city, and educational materials!

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Home Modification Providers by City

This section contains listings of home modification providers in Colorado. Search by city or keyword.

Boulder, CO

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Contact Person: Molly McElroy

Address: 1777 Broadway, Boulder CO 80302, Boulder, CO 80302

Phone Number: 303-774-4648

Sponsor: City of Longmont

Target Population: 80% below median income.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 40%

Most Common Modification: Doors, ramps, and kitchens/bathrooms.

Type of Assessment: Functional

Assessor: Housing director.

Funding Sources: * Deferred loan payments($5,000)* Grants($5-10,000).

Special Features III: Clients come from referral by the Center for Disabilities.

Canon City, CO

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

Contact Person: Erlin Freckell

Address: 3224-A Independence Road, Canon City, CO 81212

Email Address:

Phone Number: 719-275-8350

Fax: 719-275-2907


Established: 1975

Target Population: Low- income

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 33%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 35

Most Common Modification: Provide loans and bringing houses up to code.

Assessor: Rehabilitation Specialist

Providers Education/Training: No

Funding Sources: Colorado Division of Housing

Cost to Client: Low- interest rate loans.

Colorado Spring, CO

The Indepedence Center

Contact Person: Paul Spotts

Address: 729 S Tejon St., Colorado Spring, CO 80903

Email Address:

Phone Number: 719-471-8181

Target Population: people with disabilities

No. of Persons Served/Year: 15-Oct

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: ramps, grag bars, roll-in showers

Funding Sources: The City of Colorado Springs, Friends of Man and AV Hunter Trust and our grant

Total Budget: 15,000-25,000

Is your organization Non-Profit?: yes

Delta, CO

Wchdo Rehabilitation Program

Contact Person: Jin Ho D. Pack

Address: 320 West 5th Street, Delta, CO 81416

Email Address:

Phone Number: 970-874-2090

Fax: 970-874-2094

Established: 1993

Target Population: Low-income

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: Over 40%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 20-25

No. of Paid Staff: 45

Most Common Modification: Roofs, wiring, accessibility and addressing safety.

Type of Assessment: Quality housing standard guidelines

Assessor: Construction manager

Funding Sources: * CDBG* Private * City * County donations.

Total Budget: $250,000-$275,000

Cost to Client: Loans

Denver, CO

Aging In Place – Handyman Matters

Contact Person: Steve Attebery

Address: 7140 Ivy St #F, Denver, CO 80022

Email Address:

Phone Number: 303-722-7846

Fax: 303-255-0137


Established: 2004

Target Population: 55+

No. of Persons Served/Year: Hundreds

No. of Paid Staff: 4

Most Common Modification: Rollin/walkin showers,grab bars, all ADA

Type of Assessment: Environmental

Assessor: Steve Attebery

Durango, CO

The Gibbons Company

Contact Person: Patrick Gibbons

Address: P.O. Box 2641, Durango, CO 81302-2641

Phone Number: 970-259-5219

Fax: 970-247-5219

Established: 1991

Target Population: People with disabilities, elderly.

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Type of Assessment: Environmental

Funding Sources: Private Pay

Is your organization Non-Profit?: No

La Plata County Senior Services

Contact Person: Marjorie Brinton, Home Chore Coordinator

Address: 1101 East 2nd Avenue, Durango, CO 81301

Email Address:

Phone Number: 970-382-6200

Established: 1999

Sponsor: Home Chore Coordinator

Target Population: Disabled, low-income, and elderly.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 1,500

No. of Paid Staff: 6

Most Common Modification: Grab bars and ramps.

Type of Assessment: Safety survey guideline.

Assessor: Home chore workers.

Funding Sources: Colorado Rural Health, Older Americans Act funding, and United Way.

Special Features: Yardwork, snow shoveling, and heavy cleaning.

Funding Home Mods: 0.8

Cost to Client: Voluntary $5 a hour donation, if able.

Fort Collins, CO

Rehabitate (Church Organization)

Contact Person: Bill Woods

Address: 1601 West Drake Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone Number: 970-482-4310

Target Population: Disabled

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 30%

Most Common Modification: Grab bars, ramps, and widening of doors.

Type of Assessment: Functional and environmental.

Assessor: All volunteers.

Funding Sources: Church pledging and private donations.

Special Features: Clients are referred by health or hospital agencies.

Total Budget: $1+ million

Cost to Client: Donations.

Fort Morgan, CO

Ne Colorado Housing Inc.

Contact Person: Sharon Helms

Address: 801 S West St #25, Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Phone Number: 970-542-1221

Fax: 970-542-1222

Target Population: Low-income individuals

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 25%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 14-Dec

Most Common Modification: Grab bars, heating, roofing, and windows.

Type of Assessment: Basic guidelines.

Assessor: Contractor

Funding Sources: Division of Housing at USDA

Total Budget: $250,000

Greeley, CO

Weld County Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Contact Person:

Address: 501 20 ST., Greeley, CO 80639

Phone Number: 970-351-1890

Established: 1973

Sponsor: Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Director: Cheryl Jelinek, Project Director

Target Population: Older homeowners

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 35

No. of Paid Staff: 1 full-time, 2 part-time

Most Common Modification: Ramps, grab bars, plumbing, locks, furniture modifications

Funding Sources: Fundraising, ACTION Grant, United Way, University of Northern Colorad * Coordinates with Area Agency on Aging

Special Features: Receives donated materials from Colorado State Armory

Total Budget: $84,000

Shop Program-Retired Seniors Volunteer Program

Contact Person: Cheryl Jelinek

Address: 501 20 St., Greeley, CO 80639

Phone Number: 970-351-1890

Sponsor: University of Northern Colorado

Target Population: Low income, disabled, and seniors.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 95%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 100

No. of Paid Staff: 3

Most Common Modification: Ramps, grab bars, and chair risers.

Type of Assessment: Through work orders

Assessor: Shop volunteers and retired handymen.

Funding Sources: Federal grants

Cost to Client: Buys materials/donations; Calls AAA for referral.

Lakewood, CO

Aging In Place, Handyman Matters

Contact Person: Pam Pressel

Address: 12567 West Cedar Ave, Lakewood, CO 80228

Email Address:

Phone Number: 866-808-8401


Established: 2000

Target Population: Over 55 years

Most Common Modification: Grab bars, ramps, bath remodel

Special Features: National franchise organization with 125 locations in 40 states

Environmental: Yes

Littleton, CO

Aspen Design Renovations LLC ​

Contact Person: Chuck Tanner, Owner/Manager

Agency Name or Parent Company: Aspen Design Renovations, LLC

Name of Home Modification Program / Resource: Chuck Tanner

Address: 5401 So Garland Way, Littleton, CO 80123

Email Address:

Phone Number: 3033457683


Established: 2007

Partnerships: Disabled Veterans Administration, State of Colorado Home Modifications, Volunteers of America,

Target Population: Aging in Place, Veterans, Accessible Home Modifications, etc..

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Services Provided:

  • Minor home modifications (e.g., grab bars, raised toilet seats, handheld showers, handrails, lever door handles)
  • Major home modifications (e.g., remodel bathrooms, adjust counter/cabinet heights, ramps, elevator/platform or chair lifts, widen doorways, roll-in showers)
  • Home assessments
  • Refers to providers (e.g., Home modification program, occupational/physical therapists, funding sources)
  • Raise consumer and/or professional awareness
  • Advocacy for home modification policies and funding
  • Integrate home modification or repairs within existing home and community-based and/or long-term care programs
  • Partners with state or local non-profit home modification programs (e.g., Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, etc...)

Funding Source(s):

  • Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver
  • State Funded In-Home Service Program
  • State and/or local tax programs (e.g., state sales tax rebates, local tax credits)
  • Private Pay
  • Grant funds

Special Features: Certified Aging In Place (CAPS)

Total Budget: 250,000

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Livermore, CO

Easy Access

Contact Person: Cynthia Leibroch

Address: 1331 Green Mountain Dr., Livermore, CO 805360

Phone Number: 970-219-0212

Fax: 970-416-1982

Longmont, CO

Home And Place Project, LLC

Contact Person: Nichole Kain

Address: PO Box 2162, Longmont, CO 80503

Email Address:


Funding Sources: private pay

Special Features: With a deep appreciation for the power of place and importance of personal choice we help people navigate decisions related to their home and place. We provide three primary services. Education: Consultations to help navigate the options available for aging in place. Assessment: Whole house assessment of barriers to independence and write-up including findings, solutions, recommendations, and community resources. Design: Individualized universal design plan for a problem area of the home to accommodate the client's present and future needs for aging in place, including interior design services and coordination with contractors. Serving Boulder and Larimer Counties

Is your organization Non-Profit?: no

Loveland, CO

Home Improvement Program

Contact Person: Jeff Feneis

Address: 375 West 37th St. #200, Loveland, CO 80538

Phone Number: 970-667-1706

Sponsor: Loveland Housing Authority

Target Population: Medium to low-income and homeowners.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 20

No. of Paid Staff: 3

Most Common Modification: Roofing, electrical, plumbing, and windows replacement.

Funding Sources: State, municipal, and county funds.

Parker, CO

Home Improvement Program

Contact Person: Stan Smith

Address: P.O. Box 2529, Parker, CO 80134

Email Address:

Target Population: Baby Boomers/Seniors/Handicapped

No. of Persons Served/Year: 300

No. of Paid Staff: 6

Special Features: In addition to Home Mods, we also offer a Home Maitenance Program, a Personal Medical Alert system, and a wireless home burglary/fire alarm system - both the PERS and the Alarm Systems can be 24/7 monitored through a central station with two-way voice.

Pueblo, CO

Srda Chore Maintenance/In-Home Services

Contact Person: Steve Nawrocki

Address: 230 North Union Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone Number: 719-545-8900

Fax: 719-544-7831

Target Population: Elderly 60+

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 332

Most Common Modification: Grab bars and ramps.

Type of Assessment: Guidelines

Assessor: Hired contractors.

Funding Sources: * AAA * United Way

Total Budget: $68,000

Silverthorne, CO

Home Modification Program

Contact Person:

Address: Skyline Six Area Agency on Aging, 249 Warren Ave.P.O. Box 2308, Silverthorne, CO 80498

Phone Number: 970-468-0295

Fax: 970-468-1208

Established: 1988

Sponsor: Skyline Six Area Agency on Aging

Director: Sheri Rochford

Target Population: Frail homeowners and renters

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 8

Most Common Modification: Grab bars, ramps, lights

Funding Sources: Title III - Older Americans ActClient Payments

Special Features: Coordinates with State Unit on Aging

Total Budget: $1,212

Trinidad, CO

Home Modifications Program

Contact Person: Kathy Soltis

Address: 200 East 1st St., room 201, Trinidad, CO 81082

Phone Number: 719-846-4401

Fax: 719-846-4402

Established: 1998

Sponsor: South Central Council of Governments

Target Population: Low-income, disabled and elderly.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 50%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 10

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Most Common Modification: Ramps, grab bars, lever doorhandles, bathroom, and widening of doors.

Type of Assessment: Functional and environmental.

Assessor: Occupational therapist with handyman.

Funding Sources: Medicaid($10,000 per person)

Funding Home Mods: 1

Cost to Client: Free

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