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Home Modification Providers by City

This section contains listings of home modification providers in Alabama. Search by city or keyword.

Athens, AL

CASA of Limestone County

Contact Person: Deborah McNeil, Director

Address: P.O. Box 783 Athens, Athens, AL 35612

Email Address:

Phone Number: 256-777-1038

Fax: 256-233-6466

Established: 1979

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 90%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 400

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Ramps

Type of Assessment: Yes

Assessor: Director

Providers Education/Training: Yes

Funding Sources: Donations, United Way, churches, aid from State of Alabama.

Type of Services: Construction for post accident victims

Special Features: * Volunteer based * Services Limestone County; Cost to client is free.

Birmingham, AL

Home Modification Program

Contact Person: Daniel G. Kessler

Address: 206 13th St. S., Birmingham, AL 35233

Email Address:

Phone Number: 205-251-2223

Fax: 205-251-0605

Established: 1992

Target Population: All Ages

No. of Persons Served/Year: 70

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Funding Sources: City of Birmingham Community Development

Total Budget: $200,000

Is your organization Non-Profit?: Yes

Ft. Payne, AL

Casa Of Dekalb County

Contact Person: Michael Mitchell

Address: P.O. Box 681295, Ft. Payne, AL 35968

Phone Number: 256-845-9021

Fax: 256-845-9021

Director: Michael Mitchell

Target Population: Elderly, homebound, and disabled.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 80%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 2,000

No. of Paid Staff: 2 Paid staff and Volunteers

Most Common Modification: Ramps, and guard barriers.

Type of Assessment: Standardized forms; functional ability.

Assessor: Volunteers; director.

Funding Sources: * Fundraisers and * United Givers fund.

Special Features: * Provides means to help pay. * Provide supplies needed.

Total Budget: $52,000

Guntersville, AL

Casa Of Marshall County

Contact Person: Jean McCrady, Chairperson

Address: 1925 Gunter Avenue, Guntersville, AL 35976

Phone Number: 256-582-7119

Fax: 256-582-2922

Target Population: 55+ homebound disabled people.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 2,000

No. of Paid Staff: 3

Most Common Modification: Ramps, guard rails, and home weatherization.

Type of Assessment: Form from AARP.

Assessor: Director; volunteers.

Providers Education/Training: For volunteers, yes.

Funding Sources: State and private organizations

Total Budget: * $25,000(United Way)* $6,900(Other).

Hayneville, AL

Willow Non-Profit Housing

Contact Person:

Address: 200 Tuskeena St, Hayneville, AL 36040

Email Address:

Phone Number: 334-548-2191

Fax: 334-548-2576

Established: 1988

Sponsor: Rural Elderly Enhancement Program

Target Population: Under 25,000

No. of Paid Staff: 6

Most Common Modification: Completion of applications for families.

Type of Assessment: Functional

Providers Education/Training: Provides counseling.

Funding Sources: Department of Labor

Special Features: Provide assistance to low-income families for affordable housing.

Total Budget: $90,000

Hoover, AL

Alabama Head Injury Foundation

Contact Person: John Gillum

Address: 3100 Lorna Road Suite 203, Hoover, AL 35216

Phone Number: 205-823-3818

Target Population: Head/spinal injury; low income, and substandard housing.

No. of Persons Served/Year: 50

No. of Paid Staff: 1

Most Common Modification: Holes in floors, plumbing, widening doors, and ramps.

Assessor: Director, Housing Coordinator, or Resource Coordinator.

Funding Sources: Trust Funds

Type of Services: Construction for post-accident victims.

Special Features: Assessment type continued:Application materials filled out; client states what they need then clients find their own contractors.

Special Features II: Waiting list is 400.

Special Features III: Statewide non-profit organization.

Huntsville, AL

Casa Of Madison County

Contact Person: Ann Anderson

Address: 701 Andrew Jackson Way., Huntsville, AL 35801

Email Address:

Phone Number: 256-533-7775

Fax: 256-880-4883


Established: 1979

Director: Ann Anderson

Target Population: Elderly and homebound (disabled).

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 75%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 7,000

No. of Paid Staff: 4

Most Common Modification: Grab bars, ramps, weatherization, smoke alarms.

Type of Assessment: Form for weatherizations only.

Assessor: Volunteers

Funding Sources: Individual donations

Type of Services: Modifications

Special Features: Services are free.

Montgomery, AL

Title III Older Americans Act

Contact Person: Elmyra Jones-Banks, Executive Director

Address: RSA Union Building 100 North Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36104

Email Address:

Phone Number: 334-242-3973

Fax: 334-242-5594


Established: 1970's

Sponsor: Department of Senior Services

Target Population: 60+ with disability

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Paid Staff: 3

Most Common Modification: Grab bars and ramps.

Assessor: AAA people

Funding Sources: OAA funds

Type of Services: Minor home repairs.

Cost to Client: Free

Statewide Technology Access and Response Project (STAR) System for Alabamians with Disabilities

Contact Person: James Myrick, Lead Agency Program Director

Address: 602 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, AL 36104

Email Address:

Phone Number: 800-499-1816

Fax: 334-293-7388


Division Of Rehabilitation And Homebound Services

Contact Person: Stephen K. Simpson

Address: 2129 East South Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36111

Phone Number: 334-613-3453

Established: 1976

Target Population: All ages.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 30%

No. of Paid Staff: 24

Most Common Modification: Provides information.

Funding Sources: Federal funds

Total Budget: $600,000

Central Alabama Aging Consortium

Contact Person: Doug Singleton, Board of Director

Address: 2500 Fairlane Drive, Suite 200, Montgomery, AL 36116

Email Address:

Phone Number: 334-240-4680

Fax: 334-240-4681

Target Population: Elderly

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 10

Most Common Modification: Widening doors, ramps and miscellaneous.

Assessor: Care Manager

Funding Sources: Medicaid; funds pay for contracts, clients pay donations.

Special Features: Provide mainly funding, limited to $150 a person but will attempt to do the job if necessary.

Special Features II: Helps seniors over age 60 by making homes more accessible.

Cost to Client: Client pays for materials.

Scottsboro, AL

Casa Of Jackson County

Contact Person: Beverly Waldrop

Address: 250 S. Broad St., Scottsboro, AL 35768

Email Address:

Phone Number: 256-259-3736

Fax: 256-259-3182

Target Population: The elderly.

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 80%

No. of Persons Served/Year: None served

No. of Paid Staff: 2

Most Common Modification: Ramp building and grab bars.

Type of Assessment: Observation of environment

Assessor: Director; volunteer carpenters.

Funding Sources: * Fundraising locally* Public donations * United Givers Fund

Type of Services: Miscellaneous

Special Features: Services: transportation, housekeeping, home repair, etc.

Total Budget: $50,000

South Birmingham, AL

Home Fix-It Program

Contact Person: Ralph L. Holzman, Manager

Address: 2601 Highland Avenue, South Birmingham, South Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone Number: 205-325-1416

Established: 1986

Sponsor: Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens' Activities (AAA)

Target Population: Older homeowners

Percentage of Clients Aged 60 Years+: 100%

No. of Persons Served/Year: 120

No. of Paid Staff: 1 full-time

Most Common Modification: Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Electrical, Yardwork

Type of Assessment: Functional/environmental

Assessor: Handyman, Social worker

Providers Education/Training: Yes

Funding Sources: Title III - Older Americans Act, Client payments

Special Features: Commissions older workers to perform modifications/repairs in return for full payment for materials and services, except for a client service fee.

Total Budget: $9,000

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