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Graduates of our Executive Certificate in Home Modification Program, Catia Garell and Damian Sempio, founders of Thrive for Life, LLC, with a home modification client


The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology boasts a network of over 2,000 Executive Certificate in Home Modification graduates throughout the nation and around the globe.

We invite you to connect with some of our talented and diverse Program Alumni. Enjoy browsing through the Alumni Directory!

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Melissa Prudencio

Graduation Year: 2019
Title: Occupational Therapist Company Name: Brooks Rehabilitation Company Address: 3856 Michaels Landing Circle E , Jacksonville , FL. 32224 Phone: (904) 859-3121 I graduated from the program in 2019 with almost three years of experience as an occupational therapist working in a skilled nursing facility. I plan to complete the courses to be a certified aging in place specialist as well and eventually assist the older adult for aging in place in my community in Jacksonville, FL.

Roslyn Quarto

Graduation Year: 2018
Title: Executive Director and Vice President of Advocacy Company Name: Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People and The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging Company Address: 11890 Fairhill Rd. , Cleveland , OH 44120 Phone: (216) 383-1853 Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People, a subsidiary of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, has developed a small dollar loan program for low-income older adults who would otherwise not be able to modify their homes so they can age in place independently and safely.

Stephanie Rauscher

Graduation Year: 2013
Title: Owner/founder Company Name: Dwell in Peace LLC Company Address: 312 E Main St. , Frankfort , NY 13340 Phone: (315) 867-4331 Dwell in Peace is a consulting company that helps people accommodate their homes to meet their accessibility needs. I meet within the home environment and work with people with varying abilities to identify problem areas that hinder safe, independent engagement in daily life skills and find solutions to the problems together with families and caregivers.

Nina Rea

Graduation Year: 2015
Title: Occupational Therapist Company Name: Home and Community Based Rehabilitation Company Address: 7180 Homewood Dr. , Oakland , CA 94611 Phone: (650) 619-2868 The interaction between us and our environment is fascinating to me. As an OT I am constantly looking at the best way to use the environment to our benefit.

Emily Reilly

Graduation Year: 2018
Title: Owner Company Name: Purposefully Home Company Address: 1114 N. 72nd Pl. , Scottsdale , AZ 85257 Phone: (480) 339-9316 I am an occupational therapist and offer the community residential accessibility consultation. I provide home assessment and recommendations and hope to grow within 5 years to develop my own contractor team in order to implement the recommendations. Currently any recommendations made are then referred to a contractor of the clients choice or I provide the clients with a list of “preferred contractors”.

Janalee Reineke Lyth

Graduation Year: 2016
Title: Occupational Therapist, Accessibility Specialist, Project Manager Company Name: Accessibility Design Company Address: 4631 London Rd. , Duluth , MN 55804 Phone: (218) 525-0370 Provide assessments and consultation to clients experiencing functional challenges within their home and recommend solutions to enable them to stay at home with their loved ones. Manage their chosen projects from bids to completion as a member of the Accessibility Design team.

Marnie Renda

Graduation Year: 2010
Title: Owner, Accessibility Specialist, Occupational Therapist Company Name: Rebuild Independence LLC Company Address: 2542 Erie Ave. , Cincinnati , OH 45208 Phone: (513) 276-0515 Rebuild Independence LLC has been helping elders and persons with disabilities figure out how they can continue to live at home for over 10 years. Services include an evaluation of need, acquisition of products, and home modifications.

Mindy Renfro

Graduation Year: 2019
Title: Retired professor/private contractor Company Address: NA , Billings , Montana 59102 Phone: (406) 545-9592 Geriatric physical therapist with extensive experience in home modifications, assistive technology, Smart Technology, and fall prevention. Supporting successful aging-in-place since 2009. One older adult supporting other older adults to achieve their goals and wishes - no matter how small or grand the project might be.

Paulette Rhaney

Graduation Year: 2018
Company Address: 224 South Peck Ave. , Manhattan Beach , California 90266 Phone: (310) 374-8786

Kevin Richardson

Graduation Year: 2012
Title: Occupational Therapist Company Name: Mission Home Health Company Address: 67972 Nicole Ct. , Desert Hot Springs , CA 92240 Phone: (760) 902-2274 Assess a persons safety with in home then make recommendations to increase safety and independence.

Marlene Riley

Title: owner/ OTR/L, CHT Company Name: Occupational Therapy Associates, LLC Towson Company Address: 7609 Knollwood Rd , Towson , MD 21286 Phone: 443-212-8363 I provide mobile occupational therapy services in patients' homes including direct care in addition to home assessments. In addition to general OT practice, I am a certified hand therapist (CHT) and consider solutions that may be indicated due to limited hand/ functional reach.

Monika Robinson

Graduation Year: 2017
Title: Owner, Occupational Therapist Company Name: Living Fully at Home, LLC. Company Address: 408 North Maple Ave. , Oak Park , IL 60302 Phone: (708) 502-6965 Provide home safety assessment and client functional assessments to determine the person-environment fit using research proven methods

Laurie Rockwell-Dylla

Graduation Year: 2006
Title: Fall Prevention Program Coordinator Company Name: Palos Health Company Address: 19 W Connacht Rd. , Lemont , IL 60439-6436 Phone: (630) 408-6739 I assist older adults in increasing their awareness of environmental risk factors that place them at risk of falling and offer strategies, such as home modications to increase their ability to age safely in place.

Gina Rodriguez

Graduation Year: 2020
Title: Home Health Occupational Therapist Company Name: Sutter Care at Home-San Mateo Company Address: 185 Laurie Meadows Drive , San Mateo , CA 94403 Phone: 570-807-9731 I have been practicing occupational therapy since 2015, most of that time working in home health, where I continue to learn about the demands and evolving nature of the need for home modifications for the patients I serve.

Jeff Rose

Graduation Year: 2006
Title: Senior Vice President, Partner Company Name: Health System Services, Ltd. Company Address: Health System Services , Niagara Falls , NY 14304 Phone: (716) 283-2339 Provide home safety and mobility assessments, ramps, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, bathroom remodels, etc.

Beth Ann Rosenberg

Graduation Year: 2023
Title: Owner/OT Company Name: Customized Care Therapeutics Company Address: 225 N Smead Court , Roswell , GA 30076 Phone: (404) 399-8253 Have worked with catastrophic Workers Compensation clients in Georgia for over three decades.

Bob Rubel

Graduation Year: 2011
Title: President Company Name: Constructive Management, Inc. Company Address: 10661 Ridge Ln. , Marengo , IL 60152 Phone: (847) 612-2900 CMI has extensive experience in remodeling. We are eager to serve the home modification need.

George Russell

Title: Director of Home Improvement Programs Company Name: PHDC Company Address: 7200 Hill Rd , Philadelphia , PA 19128 Phone: 215-200-7403 30 years of experience managing the City of Philadelphia's home modification program for low income people with physical disabilities

Joel Sage

Graduation Year: 2009
Title: Owner/President Company Name: Accessible Home Company Address: 485 Walmar Dr. , Bay Village , OH 44140 Phone: (440) 871-5555 While I still believe the industry is still very fragmented it has been wonderfully rewarding to help individuals stay safe at home. One of the take aways from my ECHM training is the continued need to have the patient centered and home centered approach to home evaluations and modiducations.


Title: Owner/Occupational Therapist Company Name: Functional Therapy Solutions, LLC Company Address: 10000 Running Sand Knoll , LAUREL , Maryland 20723 Phone: (301)641-7035 I have been providing environmental assessments for over 19 years. I also have experience in adapting the environment for individuals with sensory processing challenges.

Menachem Scheiner

Graduation Year: 2014
Title: Owner Company Name: Adaptable Home Solutions Company Address: 5 Coles Way , Lakewood , NJ 8701 Phone: (732) 746-5151 We are a one stop shop for all ones modification needs.

Mary Schmitz, OTD, OT/L

Graduation Year: 2017
Title: Staff Occupational Therapist Company Name: Valley View Medical Center Company Address: 2028 E. Crystal Dr. , Fort Mohave , AZ 86426 Phone: (440) 522-8752

Tyler Schorr

Graduation Year: 2020
Title: Occupational Therapist Company Name: Lutheran SeniorLife Company Address: 699 Doris Drive , Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania 15243 Phone: 4124391842 Provide occupational therapy services and home assessments to ensure optimal home environments that promote safety and functional independence.

C. Brittany Schwartz-Burton

Graduation Year: 2018
Title: Occupational Therapist Company Name: Home Design For Life LLC Company Address: 229 Potomac Rd. , Wilmington , DE 19803 Phone: (305) 519-5016 Home Design for Life provides consultations to keep you and your loved ones living at home. Our therapists promote home modifications that minimize institutional appearance while providing safety and peace of mind.

Trace Schwerman

Title: Physical Therapist Company Name: Enduring Home Solutions LLC Company Address: 6412 Heidelburg Ct , North Richland Hills , TX 76180 Phone: 832-971-1295 We are a home modification and consultation firm that provides end to end services for our clients. From assessment and recommendations to implementation and training on the final product.