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Here you can find up-to-date information on all your health, home modification and consumer needs. The library is continually growing so be sure to visit often for updates and new articles.

  • U.S. Fall Prevention Programs for Seniors - Developed by the National Center on Injury Prevention and Control, this document contains selected model programs that use home assessment and modification, can serve as a guide for organizations that wish to develop fall prevention programs for older adults.
  • Universal Accessibility Conference Hailed a Success Find out what made this conference such a breaking success where hundreds of architects, designers, and other professionals attended this Accessibility Conference sponsored by the Access Board and the American Institute of Architecture.
  • Universal Design Accomodates Homeowners As They Age or Lose Mobility This article (in PDF format) from the Denver Post, discusses how universal design features can help homeowners "age in place". Universal design features in the home enable individuals to remain in their homes and can postpone and help reduce/prevent institutionalization.
  • Universal Design and Green Home Survey The purpose of this survey is to help people anticipate and plan for their current or future housing needs and budgets. Use the survey, as well as the Green Home Survey Checklist, to assess your home's sustainability and to learn more about green design.
  • Universal Design Comes Home Creative universal designed homes yourself with these useful tips!
  • Unlawful Discrimination (Chapter III: Housing) This site is an extract from the Civil Rights Hand book; it offers information on consumers' rights and remedies against unlawful discrimination in housing on both state and federal levels.
  • Urban Institute a nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization in Washington DC, has published a study on Community Development in the 1990's by Chris Walker and Mark Weinheimer.
  • Using Technology to Adapt Environments "When older adults' capabilities don't match the demands of the environment, perhaps the environment needs to be changed to adapt to environments." Read about how technology can enhance the functional level of people with disabilities.
  • Visitability Legislation - This is a matrix of visitability legislation in states and cities.
  • What Are Your Rights? A factsheet on housing rights for tenants with disabilities governed by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988..
  • What is the ADA? Learn how this national civil rights law protects people with disabilities.
  • Where the Heart Is: How to Pay for Home Modifications - This helpful article explains how to find funds for home modifications by using grants, loans, deducations, mortgages, insurance policies, and local home repair and modification resources.
  • Why Older People Accept or Reject Assistive Technology This article will help better understand the suitable approach to older adults on assistive technology.


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Home Modification Resources


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