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Here you can find up-to-date information on all your health, home modification and consumer needs. The library is continually growing so be sure to visit often for updates and new articles.

  • U.S. Fall Prevention Programs for Seniors - Developed by the National Center on Injury Prevention and Control, this document contains selected model programs that use home assessment and modification, can serve as a guide for organizations that wish to develop fall prevention programs for older adults.
  • Universal Design and Green Home Survey The purpose of this survey is to help people anticipate and plan for their current or future housing needs and budgets. Use the survey, as well as the Green Home Survey Checklist, to assess your home's sustainability and to learn more about green design.
  • Unlawful Discrimination (Chapter III: Housing) This site is an extract from the Civil Rights Hand book; it offers information on consumers' rights and remedies against unlawful discrimination in housing on both state and federal levels.
  • Update On Falls Prevention For Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Review Of Single And Multifactorial Intervention Programs (2008) - This article investigates the effectiveness of fall prevention programs for community-dwelling older adults. The comprehensive critical analysis of the literature found: (1) multifactorial fall prevention programs appear to be more effective for older individuals with a previous fall history versus a nonselect group; and (2) medication and vision assessment with appropriate health practitioner referral should be included in a falls screening examination and more.
  • Using Technology to Adapt Environments "When older adults' capabilities don't match the demands of the environment, perhaps the environment needs to be changed to adapt to environments." Read about how technology can enhance the functional level of people with disabilities.
  • What is the ADA? Learn how this national civil rights law protects people with disabilities.
  • Where the Heart Is: How to Pay for Home Modifications - This helpful article explains how to find funds for home modifications by using grants, loans, deducations, mortgages, insurance policies, and local home repair and modification resources.


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