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Booklet: Environmental Coping Srategies for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Jon Pynoos, Ph.D., Evelyn Cohen, M.A. and Claire Lucas, M.S.G.
in collaboration with

Russell Ohta, Ph.D., Eileen Halter, M.S.G., and Sandra Hattori, O.T., M.S.G.Long Term Care National Resource Center at UCLA/USC University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-0191 ©1988 Reprinted with permission from author

  • Introduction
  • Part I - Role of Environment in Supporting the Needs of the person with Alzheimer's Disease and the Caregiver in the Home
  • Part II - Behavioral Problems: Identifying Precipitating Conditions
  • Part III - Utilizing Behavioral Strategies.
  • Part IV - Caregiver's Reluctance to Change the Environment
  • Part V - Resource Identification and Support in Making Changes
  • Part VI - The Need For Alternative Settings or Additional Support
  • Part VII - Strategies For Environmental Management
  • PartVIII - Behavioral Problems
  • Appendices
  • Selected Bibliography


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