Because the caregiver is often overburdened by the stressful role of caregiving, assistance in locating the products or services needed to make changes in the home may be necessary.

Many of the products and aides suggested in this booklet can be found in catalogues that are listed in the resource section as well as in hardware, grocery and drug stores. Others are stocked in health care stores.

Installation of features such as grab bars or railings as well as repairs can often be done by a handyman or through agencies in a variety of communities that provide these services free of charge if the home owner or apartment dweller qualifies. Examples of such agencies are also listed in the resource section. Rearranging the home for easier access and safety is often quite simple and requires changes that can usually be done by the caregiver, a family member or a friend.

Professionals or those who do home evaluations, such as occupational therapists, can be particularly helpful in assessing problems and recommending modifications as well as locating resources for the caregiver. In addition, occupational therapists can provide training and guidance on how to introduce and use modificadons.

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