The Caring Home Booklet is the product of a research project that evaluated the effects of environmental modifications on reducing thee stress and burden level of caregivers of adults suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and on managing the behavioral problems of the demented person. The project was funded by the Andrus Foundation of the American Association of Retired Persons with additional support provided by the Alzheimer's Disease Program of the California Department of Health and Welfare and the Tingstad Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund.

This Booklet is aimed at the caregivers and families of persons with dementia as well as professionals. It is intended to provide coping strategies and an inventory of potential environmental modifications that have been effective in individual cases in this study as well as in other projects. The suggestions in this booklet are offered as guides and helpful hints rather than prescriptions for managing behavior.

Two separate booklets that can be used as a supplement to this one are entitled "A Home Evaluation Checklist for the Elderly," which can be an aid in evaluating your own home for potential safety hazards, and "A Home Evaluation Resource Booklet for the Elderly," which addresses home safety issues and suggestions for modifications.

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