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Accessory Units(.pdf)new symbol


Accessory Units Resource Guide: The State of the Art (1993)
. Features an extensive definition of terms, annotated bibliography of manuals, books, and videos, and descriptions of agencies with accessory unit loan programs.

Area Agencies on Aging: Efforts in Housing for the Elderly (1994).
Reveals that AAAs are involved in housing issues such as home repair and service coordination. This Executive Summary includes sections on: AAA housing efforts, priorities and roles, agency resources, and recommendations for strengthening AAA efforts. (Free: while supplies last).
Free (while supplies last)
Assisted Living Resource Guide (1994). Features an annotated bibliography, a chart rating the type of information available from the citations, an inventory of pertinent organizations and institutions, and a list of related journals and newsletters.
Best Practices in Assisted Living: Innovations in Design, Management and Financing (1991)
. Discusses the concept of assisted living with emphasis on design of the physical environment, management, and financing.

Critical Issues in Assisted Living (1996)
. This report outlines 20 critical issues that professionals need to address when developing, planning and studying assisted living. Issues include design, management, financing, and regulation.

Exemplary State Units on Aging (SUAs) Efforts in Housing for the Elderly (1998).
Reports on 10 SUAs which were considered exemplary in the area of housing for the elderly. Includes the types of housing efforts, recent activities in housing, their networks in housing, resources, accomplishments, future initiatives, and priorities.
Federal Anti-Discriminatory Law and Housing for Frail Older Renters (1994). Discusses the laws that protect persons with disabilities, including frail older renters, against discrimination in housing. Provides an overview of federal rental housing programs for older persons.
Government Assisted Housing(.pdf)


Home Modificationsand Repair(.pdf)
Home Modifications Resource Guide, 4th Edition (2003)
new symbol. Features resources for professionals interested in home modification: an annotated bibliography, an inventory of pertinent organizations and agencies and their utility, and a list of related journals and newsletters, websites, and assessment instruments.
Linking Housing and Services: Six Case Studies (1994)
. In-depth case studies of six successful models, programs and arrangements for linking multi-unit housing and services for the elderly. The case studies include the Congregate Housing Service Program; A Robert Wood Johnson demonstration project; On Lok House; and an Area Agency on Aging program.
National Directory of Home Modification and Repair Programs, 2nd Edition (1998). Annotated directory of private/public home modification/repair programs in the United States. (Third edition in progress.)
Pivotal Choices in Housing and Services Programs (1994). Outlines the choices that need to be considered when developing or enhancing a housing and services program. Topics include service design, service and service coordinator financing, and service implementation.
Resource Guide on Shared Housing
(1992). This guide provides: a comprehensive list and description of resources on Match-Up programs and Group Shared Residences; an inventory of pertinent organizations and individuals and their utility; and a selected list and description of diverse shared housing programs.
Resource Guide on Linking Housing and Services (1993). Resources address management/training, regulations/legislation, assessment, financing, project development, education, and general information. A list of related journals and newsletters is included.
Resource Guide on Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Housing for Older People
(1994). This guide focuses on SRO housing in the context of physical characteristics of housing structure, project development, and management / operations of recently constructed / rehabilitated SROs. Includes an annotated bibliography, list of organizations, critical questions, and SRO project examples.
Shared Housing(.pdf)

State Housing Agencies as Exemplars to Promote Home Modifications (2001)(.pdf)
This case study was conducted in 1999-2000 on 15 state housing agenciences in 12 states on their efforts in promoting home modifications.

State-Level Implementation of National Policy: State Unit on Aging (SUA) Participation in the Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) Process (1997). Describes the experiences of SUAs in the CHAS process, and examines the former's effectiveness in the latter. (Free: while supplies last).

State Units in Aging (SUAs) Efforts in Housing for the Elderly
. This 1995 report includes sections on types of SUA housing efforts, recent SUA activities in housing, SUA networks in housing, agency resources, accomplishments, future initiatives, and priorities.
Two New National Home Modifications Programs: Christmas-in-April* USA and National Association of Home Builders Research Center (National Audio-Teleconference, November 2000)new symbol. This 60-minute audio-cassette features Ms. Anne Fothergill (CinA) and Ms. Deborah Adler (NAHB) who present on their respective home modification programs
What Are Your Rights?(.pdf)

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Contains NRCSHHM publications on home modification available for ordering or free. Publications include: accessory units, area agencies on aging: efforts in housing for the elderly, assisted living resource guide, best practices in assisted living: innovations in design, management and financing, critical issues in assisted living, exemplary state units on aging efforts in housing for the elderly, federal anti-discriminatory law and housing for frail older renters, government assisted housing, home modification and repair, home modification resource guide, linking housing and services, shared housing, state units on aging efforts in housing for the elderly, what are your rights. Home modification videos are also available.